Hunter Students + Eyebeam participate in Storywalk


Today was the actual walking part of Storywalk. Organizers and student participants met up at Cooper Union, finding each other from our different corners of the Foundation Building at 4:30. This is exciting! There were three high school students and about 16 Hunter College students ready to walk through a small area of the Lower East Side (LES) and learn some great stuff from the wonderful Emily Gallagher, our guide. The Opera House, 4 St Marks Place, a building from the music videos (was it called Purple Pleasure? hmmm…), and Tompkins Square Park-all targets of the walk and our imaginations. The contrast of sterile commercial throughways and crowded, not-so-tidy residential streets was not lost on the group as the history of downtown New York City came alive in the architecture and stories of the ever-shifting socioeconomic and ethnic makeup of the community. What did we see, hear, smell and feel as we walked through? We’re working on that…

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