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Reclaim the Streets…

With this instant outdoor art exhibition. Working off of guerilla-style techniques for reclamation, this workshop will allow you to review and repurpose your neighborhood by identifying different elements and/or artworks in your everyday live you would like to highlight by incorporating them into an ad hoc outdoor exhibition. You’ll be experiencing public intervention, curatorial practice, documentation and locative media.

Instructor: Christina Kral

Requirements: digital photo camera, standard office supplies, a printer and a copy machine


Session 1: (Monday, Nov. 3: 4-6pm @ site to be determined by the participants before the workshop begins) Meet at the site/identify works and take pix,

Session 2: (Monday, Nov. 5: 4-6pm @ Eyebeam) Develop curatorial statement and labels and walking guide handout and online map

Session 3: (Monday, Nov. 7: 4-6pm @ site determined by the group before the workshop begins) Distribution/documentation of labels and the written walking tour.

Instant Suspense

Make a busy street corner near you the stage of your own suspense clip. Combine video footage taken from that corner with observations you collect looking around and listening. Juggle up those elements in audio and visual tracks to create a fictional piece that is entirely montaged out of snippets from reality.

Instructor: Christina Kral

Requirements: video cameras, video lab, some editing skills, busy street corner.

Links for inspirational browsing // Part 1

Simon Pope

An artist who has based most of his works around walking.

Jack Toolin

Exchanging Neighborhood Knowledge

Marina Zurkow

Betsey Biggs

Is an audio visual artist who includes walks and sound stories into her work


An artist who tells stories using the streets.

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